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Hooded Pilgrims Without a Sacred Ground - Weepers of the Land album highlights

An interview with Nicolas Miquelon and Nick Richer of Norilsk discussing themes and concepts behind their latest mini-album "Weepers of the Land," as well as its connection to their previous full-length "Le passage des glaciers."

The video was crafted by Erik Labossiere of Wikked Twist Films.

Lyricist - Episode 1 : Norilsk

Presented by Wikked Twist Films, filmmaker and HDR videographer Erik Labossiere begins a series of video interviews with various lyricists.

Norilsk is the subject of the premier episode of this new series, with some thoughts from Norilsk bassist / vocalist Nicolas Miquelon about the band's history, lyrical themes, etc.

This video interview was filmed outside Regina, SK during Norilsk's cross-country Canadian tour in October 2016.


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