Norilsk - Noirceur intérieure [Official Lyric Video]

Filmed and directed by Erik Labossiere
Copyrights Wikked Twist Films / Norilsk 2017

Norilsk - Nature Morte [Official Music Video]

Directed by Nick Richer for Heavy One Productions
Colour editing by Petr Maur

Norilsk - Japetus [Official Music Video]

Filmed and directed by Petr Maur.
Petr Maur Productions 2015

The Japetus music video is an artistic collaboration between Norilsk and film producer Petr Maur, from Ottawa. Petr used drummer Nick Richer as the main character for his movie "Horsehead", and Norilsk's music as soundtrack. This music video is a short version of his movie, adapted to the song's length.


© Norilsk - 2017